Synonymous Dimensions

by Polygon Horizon

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Michael Risser
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Michael Risser A stellar first Nintendocore release by an incredibly talented musician. Each track features a different accomplished vocalist from within the scene, adding additional variety to an already varied album. Favorite track: Upgrade (feat. Mitchell R.).
She Wants The D-Pad
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She Wants The D-Pad PH has the most authentic sounding 8bit synths that I've heard in this genre and the production is gold. Well done my friend. Favorite track: Upgrade (feat. Mitchell R.).
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Polygon Horizon's debut release - Synonymous Dimensions - peeks into the minds of five video game characters from different genres. The catch is, they've all made the same stunning revelation; their worlds are virtual, and everything they know is merely a simulation.

Video game influenced synths harmonize over hard-hitting metal riffing to create a solid Nintendocore experience.

I wanna really thank all the people who helped me with making this EP possible, especially all the vocalists and bands! And to Tyler Hendricks, John N. and Mike B. for helping me with decisions for the EP cover.

Also thanks to Matthew Wilding for helping me with drum sounds, vocal plugins and guitar tone.

Thanks to John N. for checking some mixes and Michael R. for checking out a rough draft of the EP.

SUPER SPECIAL THANKS to John N. who helped me more than 100 times with last minute vocals, lyrics, names, ideas and what not. You are my special hero!


released September 4, 2016



Vocals - Dustin E.
Lyrics - John N. aka Unicorn Hole


Vocals - John N. aka Unicorn Hole / Chris K. (some backing vox)
Lyrics - John N. aka Unicorn Hole


Vocals - Micah J. aka Shotgun Guy
Lyrics - Micah J. aka Shotgun Guy
Additional synths (1:22 - 2:08) - Mike B. aka Feed The Bears


Vocals - Mitchell R.
Lyrics - John N. aka Unicorn Hole
Additional synths (1:43 - 2:16) - Talon T. aka A Challenger Approaches


Vocals - Michael R. aka Weekly Words and Grammar
Lyrics - Michael R. aka Weekly Words and Grammar

Everything else written, mixed and mastered by Chris K.

Links of the guys/bands who helped me:

Unicorn Hole:

Shotgun Guy:

Mitchell Ryan:

Weekly Words and Grammar:

Feed The Bears:

A Challenger Approaches:



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Polygon Horizon Dresden, Germany

One-member Chip-Metal band from Germany.

Chiptune (Fakebit)

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Track Name: Dash (feat. Dustin E.)
Lyrics by John N. aka Unicorn Hole

Red! On my mark and steady
Yellow! I am set and ready
I rev up as tensions grow
And cut loose when- Green!- I go!

Tunnel vision- peripheral blurred
Despite all hardships I am undeterred
I must shave fractions of seconds
I must succed, for the gold, it beckons

I must win this
I get lost within this

Drifting around every bend
No spare moment to spend
Hug the wall and hone the path
Disregard any aftermath

This car is my second skin
After I place I race again
I thrive on velocity
I embody ferocity
(I am pure speed
It is my creed
"The human blur"
Human- not sure)

I see my world only through the windows of my shell
Everyone I see I never truly meet- we live parallel

I know no allies, only my competition
Those who seek to thwart my only mission
I know each track like the back of my hand
But this is a world that I can't understand

If I go full speed ahead
Could this cycle be outsped?
Track Name: Ascend (feat. Unicorn Hole)
Lyrics by John N. aka Unicorn Hole

To be the big villain his plan is pretty mild
Seems like something concocted by a child
I'll get around to stopping him in due time
But first let's see how many treasures I can find

A hundred silver these- ten big, shiny gold those
Where do I keep them all? Nobody knows
I must reach every corner of every map
Clean em out, and then call it a wrap

From lakes of lava to deserts far and dry
From ocean floors up to the clouds in the sky
From frantic factories to tundras that insist I freeze
I know this strange world is home for me

It's home for me
It's where I belong
Mundane is lame
Normal is plain wrong

For the big villain's castle this place is pretty fun
Seems like it's made so that each level can be won
Those who stand to stop me are a goofy gang of grunts
Pretty much pushovers if I'm being blunt

There is no sign of death in this bright place
Extra lives keep it away- they save face
No room for black in highlighter fields
Just more whimsy to be revealed

Sometimes I get a bit on edge, living constantly carefree and disheveled
But it's cool cause all I gotta do is visit the tropical beach levels

My world is not at risk of annihilation
And I'm grateful for the more mellow motivation
Life is a breeze for my offbeat NPC friends
And all will be well when we reach the story's end

We'll share a laugh after the big bad goes down
And have a cast parade with everyone from all around

I'll hop my way into a jaunty carefree life
I'll fly up high over anything that brings strife
Track Name: Barrage (feat. Shotgun Guy)
Lyrics by Micah J. aka Shotgun Guy

I blast demons
all day long
i'll use my chainsaw
or super shotgun
the danger lying
in front of me
is yet unmatched
and quite challenging
but if 1 things for sure
and i know it is
protecting earth from demons
is serious biz
anything that can withstand the BFG
must not have access to my family

kick hells ass
for eternity

No undead army can make it's way past me
If I don't kill you all first, I think you'd better flee

With my megasphere upgrade
and why not berserk too
and my barehands i smash
these demons into evil stew

who imagined i'd be the one fighting
for the lives of millions and my pet
rabbit daisy who I do love so dearly

even with my huge arsenal
of ultra powerful weapons
It becomes so overwhelming
at least I respawn

I guess this is my life
eternal damnation and circle strifes
rocket launchers and demon gore
finding keys to open doors

I will remain in hell forever
i'm the only one tough enough
to handle the weather
Track Name: Upgrade (feat. Mitchell R.)
Lyrics by John N. aka Unicorn Hole

Today my epic adventure begins
Head to the basement to clear the rats within
Okay, so maybe not so epic yet
But big bosses await, so don't fret

I grow in stages
Increase my gauges

I find that I am safe in any town
But when I venture out, monsters abound
I chug potions and my wounds go away
Seems strange to me, but who am I to say?

I must collect each of the mystical X's
To achieve the power to defeat big bad Y

I - the chosen one - the true hero
My fate is lore - so I go

As I press on, the beasts I face - are much tougher in each new place
If my journey, had begun here - I'd have died right away I fear
Lucky for me, it seems to be - everything's been laid out for me
And each dungeon, requires the tool - that I just found, like it's the rule
Big boss monsters push me to my limits
But I always have just enough to win it

I'm glad to have the time
To play minigames
While the whole kingdom, is up in flames

Yeah I'm the chosen one alright
It's right there in the coding
My battles built by bytes
When my life isn't loading
Track Name: Endeavor (feat. Weekly Words And Grammar)
Lyrics by Michael R. aka Weekly Words and Grammar:

It’s strange
Sometimes it feels my actions aren’t my own

As though I’m walking through a maze
A strange sense of deja-vu fills me
Have I been here before?
Have I done this before?

Is it fate?
A guiding light to glow for me in my darkest hour?

I feel as though someone is watching me
And it seems like the choices I make aren’t quite my own
But I keep moving forward, for what shall befall my world if I fail?

Such a heavy weight for one so young as I
But, a question: do I truly walk alone?

(Stop and close eyes
Exhaustion overwhelming
Stop and close eyes
Future : visions : cloud my mind)

Endless darkness, abyss that spreads to consumes the very light
A thousand years of inky blackness, eternity of eternal sorrow
Sunlight swallowed by greedy mouths
Consume the stars and burn the moon

Ceaseless nightmares
Terror unfolding
Doom unending
Shadows that move

(So I march on)

I feel as though someone is watching me
And it seems like the choices I make aren’t quite my own
But I keep moving forward, for what shall befall my world if I fail?

And as for those who watch me, spirits or gods or whatever you may be:

Guide my blade
Straight and true
This world’s last chance at salvation